Aliso CrossFit is a community of like-minded people. We all have the same goal, to become better versions of ourselves. We all want to improve. What this means varies from person to person, but no member is alone in their journey. Every member shares in the same pain and gain, and every member deserves the love and support of the community.

This is what sets us apart from other communities. We know each others’ stories, we support each others’ goals, and we enable each others’ successes. Shared success makes us all better. Its this sense of shared effort that inspires us to be the best we can be. Watching a fellow CrossFitter conquer a skill they were once afraid of, or once unable to do, inspires us to take that chance, to push ourselves past the edge, and to see what we’re truly capable of.
Some days we feel on top of the world. We walk into the gym, see the workout, and know we’re going to love it. Other days, we walk into the gym, see the workout, and wonder how we’re ever going to finish it. We all have days when we struggle to grind out the last few reps. But we make it through as a team. When we’re struggling through a workout and the rest of the class is finished but rallies to cheer us on, that’s when we become better. The cheers of the class help us dig deep, find that last bit of strength we have, and push through to the end.

The workout isn’t over until the last person has finished their last rep. We help them push through. Because when it’s not our day and we’re not sure how we’re going to finish, those same people will be there yelling encouragement to help us to finish the WOD. The last person to finish the workout gets cheered on just as much, if not more, than the first person. We don’t clean up our equipment until everyone in our class has finished their workout. By doing this, we respect the efforts of every member equally. We are a team, and we build up, motivate, and encourage our teammates through the last rep.