Most of us have similar, overall goals in regard to our health and fitness; feel strong, live a long time, look good naked, be able to play with our kids when we are older and so on.

Our regular CrossFit classes are the perfect way to get into shape, stay in shape and enjoy a healthy life, but some of us may have further individualized goals or needs that require a little more attention or time.

Hybrid Membership:

Our Hybrid Memberships offer the best of both worlds! Our group class + personal training option allows members to combine an unlimited CrossFit membership and choose from a range of of one-on-one personal training sessions with the coach of their choice.

Each personal training session is individualized for you; you can use these sessions to…..

  • Correct mobility issues and fix improper movement patterns
  • Dial in nutrition
  • Fix technical issues
  • Learn new skills
  • Work on weaknesses
  • Personalize your programming

If you are already a member of ACF and are looking to refine your skills or improve in a specific area,  bumping up to a Hybrid membership could get you over that hump or take you to the next level.