ACF Open Scoring System

    • Competitors will have until 5:00pm PST Sunday, October 28th to log their scores to the ScoringRx website.
    • Each workout, competitors will have the option to choose which level of the workout they wish to perform.
    • Choosing a particular level of the workout one event will not prevent a competitor from doing the next workout at a different level.
    • One rep of the Rx’d version of the workout will be ranked ahead of the best score of the Intermediate version of the workout, and one rep of the Intermediate version of the workout will be ranked ahead of the best score of the Fun version of the workout—we want to celebrate and reward the hard-earned first-ever push-ups, pull-ups, muscle-ups, double-unders and lifting PRs.
    • Competitors earn points in each event based on their finish. At the end of the ACF Fall Invitational, the team with the least amount of points is the winner. Points are based on relative performances: A win is worth 1 point, second is worth 2 points, third is worth 3 points, no matter the margin of victory. The point margins between places are constant.
    • All Fun competitors will be assigned a score of “n+1”, where n=the score of the lowest placing Intermediate competitor. Based on different scaling options and the goal of allowing every member to participate, reps and movements may differ from competitor to competitor in the Fun division. We are rewarding all Fun competitors for participating.
    • Any competitor who does not perform a workout, or does not log their score before 5:00pm Sunday evening will not receive a score for that event.
    • If you wish to redo a workout, you must complete all events from that day in order.  You must use either all of the old scores or all of the new scores from the redo.
  • We hope the new Intermediate and Fun workouts will allow all of our members to participate in one of the largest community events of the year, and allow every member to feel the energy of friendly competition!